What are the application fields of micro vacuum pumps?

April 25, 2023

The micro vacuum pump uses electric current and strong suction to help remove the air in the container, making the environment in the container close to a vacuum state, which can simulate the weightlessness on the moon. The application field of the micro vacuum pump is very wide. With the presence of vacuum pumps, what are the application fields of micro vacuum pumps?

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1. Food processing

When buying food in the supermarket, it will be found that the gap between the food and the packaging bag is rarely difficult to peel, and the pressure disappears after opening, which is the food application vacuum extraction technology to vacuum the food, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the food and make the food more clean and hygienic. Some parents who want to mail hometown specialties to their children who work outside the home can also use miniature vacuum pumps, so that children outside can also taste the food of their hometown to relieve the pain of lovesickness.


2. Scientific laboratories

Pilot training needs to simulate the vacuum state, the closer to the vacuum state pilot is easy to adapt to the vacuum environment on the moon, the aircraft because the distance from the ground by gravity will appear distorted, so you need to buy reliable micro vacuum pump to create vacuum scenes, the micro vacuum pump can set a variety of vacuum values so that you can simulate the air state at various altitudes, can test the flight quality of the aircraft at different altitudes.


3. School Research Office

The micro vacuum pump is simple to operate and safe to use, which meets the safety standards of teaching aids stipulated by the Ministry of Education and can be incorporated into the teaching equipment of middle school students. Various micro vacuum pumps are widely used in experimental teaching courses, and the use of machines can stimulate students' curiosity and intuitive feelings, which motivates students to engage in scientific research. The emergence of vacuum pumps has changed our quality of life, without micro vacuum pumps we can hardly taste food from thousands of miles away, and the performance safety of aircraft cannot be guaranteed. The quality-certified miniature vacuum pump can be used normally under high and low temperatures and various harsh conditions, and can work uninterruptedly, which can reduce the time of guarding and reduce the work tasks of scientific researchers.